• FireBug is a world leading manufacturer of powerful, multipurpose low pressure water mist systems, with a particular focus on fire and dust suppression applications
  • They design and manufacture solutions from vehicle bodies right through to couplings including a range of skid units and branches that deliver “the perfect water mist” with the MistNozzle being a key product in their range
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, using tried and tested micron technology, the MistNozzle is also the most water efficient nozzle on the world market today, approximately 65% more efficient than other comparative nozzles

  • The MistNozzle creates water mist with a droplet size of 50-75 microns
  • When this droplet size is combined with perfect kinetic energy and sufficient hang time, the water mist cover a larger surface area than competitors who deliver droplets which are often larger than 250 microns
  • Designed to be intuitive, the MistNozzle has one-click switch-function technology, allowing the transition between Jet Mode and WaterMist Mode to be instantaneous and easy, minimising room for error and ensuring safe mode selection.
  • The plug-and-go functionality of the MistNozzle works with most existing hose reels and has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to use
  • With water being a valuable resource the world over, the MistNozzle deliberately uses less water during operation. Studies have shown a significantly increased efficiency in water usage during like-for-like product trials
  • Firebug has over 10 years of research and development with numerous patents
  • FireBug distributes to 37 countries through integrator partners

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