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Dust Proof provides the client with a complete dust suppression solution for both surface and air borne dust on roads, open areas, crushers, plants, thereby providing effective dust control. It is an environmentally friendly blend of bio-degradable products and does not contain corrosive chloride compounds and is considered a green product. We make use of world class water mist technologies from our partner FireBug.
There is an 80% saving on water and vehicle costs, as well as minimizing the need for constant road maintenance. At the same time, it increases the effectiveness of hauling due to improved road surface and better visibility.
Dust Proof is not temperature sensitive and will remain liquid at 0 degrees temperature for storage and application. It is not corrosive, does not solidify and block storage/pump facilities, nor does it change color in severe cold conditions.

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Our solutions have many applications

Our dust suppression solutions can be applied across multiple industries and environments, including:

  • Mines (coal, gold, etc)
  • Construction
  • Power plants
  • Heating plants
  • Wood and stone processing
  • Waste processing
  • Any industrial plant where excessive dust is a problem
  • Agriculture – we improve fruit and vegetable yields by reducing red spider contamination due to dust precipitation from hall roads amongst orchards

Benefits of water mist for dust suppression

  1. An effective water mist solution disperses into droplets (10-15 micron droplet size) that have a large total surface area which gives them a huge surface of effective contact with dust particles
  2. Water mist droplets bind with dust particles, known as dust scrubbing
  3. Does not result in wet stock / vehicles, wet surface area / mud or pools water or wet personnel
  4. Water mist has kinetic energy that allows it to travel a substantial distance even in open space
  5. Suppression / control of dust is possible at the source of emission via grouping of dust elements into larger agglomerations
  6. Up to 85% water saving
  7. Increased return on investment
  8. No fire or explosion risk

Dust Proof is an EFP Global (Pty) Ltd Company. Established in 2003, Eco Friendly Products is a B-BBEEE Level 4 company. Our products are developed using the latest technology to the highest possible environmental standards. EFP partners with Firebug, an international specialist with over 10 years experience in de-misting dust suppression technologies. EFP has applied the expertise gained from years of experience to move into new and exciting opportunities with B-BBEEE companies which has enabled us to enter markets not previously accessed. Our partnership aim is to cement ourselves as a reputable, stable and reliable proudly South African company.


This letter serves to commend the services and product of Eco Friendly Products (Pty) Ltd. EFP (Pty) Ltd are dust suppression specialists, who have been supplying the port with a chemical binder for its gravel roads as well as the service to apply said product to the affected areas. EFP has worked on the TPT as well as MPT Terminals – Saldanha (TPT) since 2017. EFP (Pty) Ltd is reliable and always available when additional services were required. The dust suppression product is of high quality and is mixed at consistent standards to produce a reliable product. I am confident about the services of EFP (Pty) Ltd and I can surely recommend their dust suppression product or services.
~ Rejean Viljoen, Environmental and Quality (E&Q) Manager, Saldanha Terminal, Transnet Port Terminals